What about the rest of the year?
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What about the rest of the year?

Status Queer, a non-profit injecting new energy into the LGBTQ+ cultural scene in Gothenburg, talks about their work and methods for a more inclusive LGBTQ+ community.

“Let’s talk about how to make meaningful change that lasts longer than the glitter on our cheeks. Taking art and cultural programming in all its multiplicitous glory as the kick of energy, the bridge to bring us together and the glue to hold us there, we are building this community to be a place of empowerment, support and solidarity.” Status Queer.

In this lecture Status Queer presents their methods, reflect on their festival Sparkplug (August 16-22, 2021) and reveal their plans for a future of vibrant, regular, and inclusive LGBTQ+ culture here in Gothenburg.

The lecture is held in English.The number of visitors in the museum is adapted according to the regulations and guidelines from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. No pre-registration needed. Kindly note that there is only a limited number of places available.

Status Queer | Projects > Sparkplug

sammanfattning på svenska

I det här föredraget får vi bland annat höra mer om Status Queers arbete och metoder för ett mer inkluderande och hållbart LGBTQ+ community, om det kommande festivalprojektet Sparkplug och deras framtidsplaner.

Status Queer är en icke vinstdrivande organisation som arbetar för att bringa ny energi till LGBTQ+-scenen i Göteborg. Deras vision – ”LGBTQ+ cultural” – kultur och design kopplar oss samman oavsett rasifiering, klass, funktionalitet, sexualitet och könsidentitet.

Programaktiviteten hålls på engelska. Antalet deltagare anpassas utifrån Folkhälsomyndighetens aktuella riktlinjer för allmänna sammankomster. Ingen föranmälan krävs, begränsat antal platser.

Toppbild: Status Queer, foto: Lucy Wilson.