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Seminar: Designing person-centred care

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Tis 14 maj 2024
09:00 – 12:00
Auditorium and Studio
Included in entrance fee

Participate in a seminar and workshop on person-centered care with a focus on the interface between design and care.

The University of Gothenburg Center for Person-Centred Care (GPCC) collaborates with HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design and the Röhsska Museum in connection with the conference: Global Conference on Person-Centred Care Knowledge(s) and Innovations for Health in Changing Societies.

During one morning, you have the opportunity to listen, participate in discussions and a workshop on inclusive design/architecture and person-centered care together with experts in design, architecture and healthcare.

Workshop leader:
Franz James, University lecturer in furniture design at the Unit for Design and Crafts Steneby, HDK-Valand – University of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg. James researches the impact of the environment on well-being in correctional institutions.

Helle Wijk, Professor in Nursing, Institute for Health and Care Sciences and GPCC, guest professor at CVA/Chalmers and joint employment at Sahlgrenska University hospital. Wijk researches the importance of the care environment for the health of patients/residents and the environment as an obstacle and support for the implementation of care.

Göran Lindahl, Professor and researcher in architecture and civil engineering, Department of Building Design, Chalmers. Director of the Center for Health Care Architecture, CVA and active in the Center for Management in the Construction Sector, CMB. Lindahl’s research focuses on healthcare buildings and care environments.

Students and lecturers/teachers from HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design.

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