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The Röhsska Museum’s exhibitions turn the perspectives to create meaning in the story told by objects and form.


18th-Century Design & Craft

Dancing figurines, fastidiously ornamented furniture feet and full period interiors. Welcome to 18th-Century Design & Craft, the new permanent exhibition at the Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft.

Migration – the Journey of Objects

Just as ideas, material and products migrate, so too do objects. The exhibition Migration reveals the multiple paths travelled by items before ending up in the museum collection.

Permanent exhibition

Inspiration East Asia

The Röhsska Museum’s permanent exhibition displays applied arts and crafts from Asia that reveals the stories and inspirations between the Nordic countries and East Asia. Here, objects from one of Europe’s oldest museum collections are shown in a new light, alongside contemporary design and craft.

Permanent exhibition

The Falk Simon silver collection

Falk Simon’s donation to the Röhsska Museum in 1934 is a unique collection of silver. The collection includes some 80 pieces, and stretches from the 13th century to the early 19th century, with examples of many styles from art history, including Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Neo-Classicism.

The Baroque Chamber

Here, you encounter a fantasy landscape with powerful design and intricate details inspired by more southerly latitudes.

Open storage


The Röhsska Museum’s collection includes more than 500 chairs. In the open storage repository, visitors can peruse a selection that spans more than 300 years. The chair is an inherently interesting design object that is generally expected to be comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing.



Discover objects from some of the top designers in Sweden. While building a new design exhibition we will display a few design favorites from our collection.

Previous exhibitions

See a selection of our previous exhibitions.