The Röhsska Museum’s exhibitions turn the perspectives to create meaning in the story told by objects and form.

Permanent exhibition

Inspiration East Asia

The Röhsska Museum’s permanent exhibition displays applied arts and crafts from Asia that reveals the stories and inspirations between the Nordic countries and East Asia. Here, objects from one of Europe’s oldest museum collections are shown in a new light, alongside contemporary design and craft.

Temporary exhibition

Ocean Plastics

15 JUNE 2019 – 5 JANUARY 2020

When a new generation of designers take on the problem of waste in the ocean they consider the possibilities and materials of the future. With the exhibition Ocean Plastics the Röhsska Museum highlights various conceptual design projects where design can be seen as the solution, rather than the problem.

Temporary exhibition

New Works in the Collection

23 FEBRUARY 2019 – 22 SEPTEMBER 2019

The New Works in the Collection exhibition at the Röhsska Museum features a selection of new pieces in the collection by designers and makers who are known for their unique design.

Permanent exhibition

The Röhsska Museum´s Design History

The Röhsska Museum’s collection of design and craft takes you on a journey from early 19th-century industrialism, via modernism and the birth of the welfare state, to today’s information era, with many highlights from the Museum’s collections including familiar design classics.

Permanent exhibition

The Falk Simon's Silver Collection

Falk Simon’s donation to the Röhsska Museum in 1934 is a unique collection of silver. The collection includes some 80 pieces, and stretches from the 13th century to the early 19th century, with examples of many styles from art history, including Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Neo-Classicism.