The Röhsska Museum´s Design History

2024-27 March 2022

The Röhsska Museum’s Design History exhibition was a chronological presentation of 200 years of design development – illustrated by some 1,000 design classics.


Architecture Projects: Brunnsparken

5 JUNE 2021- 26 SEPTEMBER 2021

A monument to partying, complete with secret rooms. A teenager, looking for their identity. A place that has served its purpose. Visions for the Brunnsparken of the future differ wildly when architects are given a free hand to speculate around the future of one of Gothenburg’s most talked-about spaces.


Forensic Architecture

1 FEBRUARY 2020 - 10 JANUARY 2021

At the beginning of 2020, the Röhsska Museum opened an exhibition with the London-based research agency Forensic Architecture. The exhibition presented three criminal cases where the group has contributed evidence material by utilising architecture and design strategies.

Previous Exhibitions

Young Swedish Design 2020

3 OCTOBER 2020 – 1 NOVEMBER 2020

Innovative and experimental new designs from Sweden’s young creatives. The exhibition Young Swedish Design displayed unique pieces from a range of disciplines: from product design to crafts.


Previous Exhibitions

Katja of Sweden

4 JUNE 2020 – 20 SEPTEMBER 2020

In the exhibition Katja of Sweden, the Röhsska Museum put a spotlight on a fashion brand that has achieved international success, while showing the wealth of fabric patterns they have created together with prominent textile artists.

Previous Exhibitions

Svart Rya: A work by Pasi Välimaa

29 FEBRUARY 2020 – 17 MAY 2020

The exhibition Svart Rya: A work by Pasi Välimaa was on display between 29 February and 17 May 2020. The iconic textile is a monochromatic rug made in a traditional rya technique in a monumental format by one of the Nordic region’s foremost textile artists.

Previous Exhibitions

Ocean Plastics

15 JUNE 2019 – 5 JANUARY 2020

With the exhibition Ocean Plastics the Röhsska Museum highlighted various conceptual design projects where design can be seen as the solution, rather than the problem.

Previous Exhibitions

Unmaking Democratic Design: Fredrik Paulsen

23 FEBRUARY 2019 – 19 MAY 2019

The Röhsska Museum commissioned Fredrik Paulsen to interpret the notion of Democratic Design. He chose to design a chair for the purpose. The exhibition invited visitors to make their own chairs and to reflect on various aspects of democratic design.


Previous Exhibitions

Torsten & Wanja Söderbergs pris 2018: Brynjar Sigurðarson

23 FEBRUARY 2019 – 12 MAY 2019

The Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize 2018 went to the Icelandic designer Brynjar Sigurðarson. With an award sum of SEK 1 million, this was the world’s largest design prize.

Previous Exhibitions

New works in the collection

23 FEBRUARY 2019 – 22 SEPTEMBER 2019

The New Works in the Collection exhibition at the Röhsska Museum featured a selection of new pieces in the collection by designers and makers who are known for their unique design.