23 feb – 22 SEPT 2019

New Works in the Collection

The New Works in the Collection exhibition at the Röhsska Museum features a selection of new pieces in the collection by designers and makers who are known for their unique design.

Do you want to find out what the Museum considered to be worth adding to the collection? This exhibition features a selection of the objects acquired over the past five years which have been added to the Museum’s collection, including new and old artefacts from many different design fields: fashion outfits, lamps, furniture, jewellery, ceramics and textiles. Many of them are shown in public for the first time.

Det är både nyproducerade och äldre föremål som spänner över flera designområden: modedräkter, lampor, möbler, fantasifulla smycken, keramik och textilier. Många av dem kommer visas publikt för första gången.

Vase, Bulb VII, Ann Wåhlström, 2007. Foto: Mikael Lammgård.

Broader participation in the selection process

The objects were selected by the Museum in collaboration with Design Lab S and an expert panel consisting of senior citizens and pupils from the school Sjumilaskolan in Biskopsgården. This collaboration has contributed to new knowledge, broader references and new perspectives on design in comparison to the traditional museum selection process. Unlike conventional specialists, who usually have a theoretical and academic background in the arts, the Expert Panel has developed innovative methods for evaluating their own value systems for design and craft objects based on their imagination, inventing machines, tools and instruments to aid them in the course of the project.

Collecting for the future

New artefacts are donated to, or purchased for, the Röhsska Museum collection every year, including furniture, ceramics, textiles, glass, jewellery, fashion and graphic design by prominent Swedish and international designers. Collecting is an essential part of the Museum’s work to preserve knowledge on design, crafts and fashion, and to create a narrative about our collective design history.

Vitt bord med duk med färg i olika nyanser i vikvecken

Table cloth, FOLD UNFOLD, Margrethe Odgaard, 2010

Top photo: Happy, children stool, Radost Kerefeyna, 2013