Torsten och Wanja Söderbergs hall

Read, reflect, discuss. In the Torsten och Wanja Söderbergs hall visitors can immerse themselves in Swedish and Nordic design.

The Torsten and Wanja Söderberg hall is a space to read, discuss and immerse oneself in design, crafts, fashion and architecture. Here you will find international periodicals, a digital archive, and the opportunity to read more about the museum’s collections. This is even a meeting place for conversation, events, and presentations of research projects and much more.

Image: Torsten och Wanja Söderberg hall, photo: Ina Winther Åshaug.

Focus on nordic design

The hall contains exhibition catalogues and digital articles about the design prize Torsten & Wanja Söderbergs pris. You will also find furniture pieces designed by previous winners of the prize, such as Mats Theselius, Front Design and Margrethe Odgaard, among others.

Watercolour sketches by Otto Schulz

The hall features a display about furniture designer and entrepreneur Otto Schulz. See a selection of sketches from the museum’s collection that have been the subject of research by Christian Björk PhD financed by Torsten Söderberg Foundation. The remaining sketches, around 1600 in total, will be made available digitally.

The display runs until 25 September 2022.

Photo: Ina Winther Åshaug, Röhsska museet.

Under ditt besök

Take the time to sit down in the armchairs for moment of inspiration and reflection. Feel free to use your laptop at one of our work desks, power sockets and a WiFi network are available. The printed materials can only be read in situ. Some of the literature is available in the museum shop. Bringing food and drinks into the hall is not allowed.

The Torsten and Wanja Söderbergs hall was made possible thanks to a donation from the Torsten Söderberg Foundation. The donation symbolises how husband and wife Torsten and Wanja Söderberg supported the work of the museum over the years.