Röhsska’s Ideas Lab

Welcome to the Röhsska’s Ideas Lab where we together explore various themes, objects and questions that are relevant to the new design history exhibition.

In the Lab you can explore the various phases of the exhibition, share your thoughts, and take part of the results of previous activities. You are more than welcome to the Studio when the doors are open.

From 2022 to 2024 the Museum will be working on the creation of a new permanent exhibition based on the question, “What is design?”. Unique handicrafts and fashion will be exhibited alongside industrially produced design pieces from the past 200 years.

Which objects would you like to keep on display in the new exhibition?

During the closing weekend, 26-27 March 2022, of the previous permanent exhibition Formhistorien (The history of form), we asked visitors to mark their favourite objects. The audience choices will help us to decide which artefacts will be shown in the new exhibition. In the Lab you can see some of the objects together with information about the designer, material, and production year. But what information would you like us to talk more about and what information would you like to be attached to these objects? Welcome to Röhsska’s Ideas Lab!

Images: Röhsska’s Ideas Lab, photo: Maria Winther Åshaug.