The museum’s collections in new perspective

Research on the Röhsska Museum and its collections have been underway since 2013 with financial support from Torsten Söderbergs Stiftelse. The purpose of the research is to deepen the knowledge of the Röhsska Museum’s collections and enrich the museum’s work with new perspectives.

Interiörskiss i akvarell av Otto Schultz föreställande Bräutigams konditori i Göteborg med stolar, bord, bås och hängande takkronor.

Research on the East Asian collections

During 2013-2017 the research mainly focused on the oldest collections. The East Asian collections consist of about 1500 Japanese and 1400 Chinese artefacts. Ritwa Herjulfsdotter has studied the collections from a cultural history perspective, based on how the collections and the artefacts can be tied to various contexts and tell us something about ourselves as human beings in space and time. The results of the research is available in publications and exhibitions.

Research on Otto Schulz

Since 2018 Ph.D. Christian Björk is conducting research on the furniture designer and entrepreneur Otto Schultz. The Röhsska Museum’s collection includes over 1000 watercolour sketches of interiors by Otto Schultz. Christian Björk is conducting immersive research, digitalising the works in the museum’s database and producing text for publication.

Image at the top: Interior sketch by Otto Schultz of the pastry shop//konditori// Bräutigams in Gothenburg.