The Bauhaus school by Judith Raum

The Bauhaus school by Judith Raum

During this lecture we will look closer at a specific piece presented in one of the museum’s exhibitions by the Bauhaus weaver Anni Albers. We will also listen to a conversation about the influence Bauhaus has on today’s practice-based research.

In occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Bauhaus School, the Röhsska Museum welcomes you to a lecture by German artist and author Judith Raum. The Röhsska Museum collection has a wall hanging attributed to the Bauhaus graduate, textile designer and artist Anni Albers. Judith Raum is proposing that the authorship of the wall hanging is not altogether clear – a result of the specific organisational set-up, design principles and politics within the textile workshop at the Bauhaus. In the lecture we will look closely at the museum´s piece by Anni Albers, supported by a couple of images from textile archives world-wide, brought by Judith Raum. We will move through a maze of narrations, possible and impossible stories around the production of this specific wall hanging.

Judith Raum is a Berlin-based artist and author. Lately, her practice has concentrated on the textile workshop at the Bauhaus. Her installation Bauhaus Space is part of The Ifa Gallery touring exhibition The Event of a Thread. During 2019 her performances and video works on Bauhaus textiles are being presented at various museums internationally.

9.30 – 10.30 am
The Bauhaus School
Lecture by artist and author Judith Raum about the Bauhaus weaver, designer and writer Anni Albers.

10.45 – 12 am
Judith Raum in conversation with Jessica Hemmings
Judith Raum in conversation with Jessica Hemmings, professor of Crafts & vice-prefekt of Research at HDK about the influence of Bauhaus todays practice based research.
The lecture is in English.

The Weaving Workshop Revisited have been kindly supported by:
Estrid Ericson Stiftelsen, Slöjdföreningens projektstipendium and the Research at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing arts at Gothenburg University.

The programme is part of the Gothenburg design festival, produced in collaboration with HDK- Academy of Design and Crafts, presented as part of Mötesplats Röhsska.

Sammanfattning på svenska
Med anledning av att Bauhausskolan firar 100-års jubileum uppmärksammas textilkonstnären Anni Albers som verkade inom skolan. Hör den tyska konstnären Judith Raum berätta om ett av Anni Albers verk i Röhsska museets samling från Bauhaus Dessau. Föreläsningen avslutas med ett samtal mellan Judith Raum och viceprefekten på HDK – Högskolan för konst och design Jessica Hemming. Föreläsningen hålls på engelska. Ingen föranmälan krävs.

Programmet ingår i Gothenburg design festival, producerad i samarbete med HDK – Högskolan för design och konsthantverk inom ramen för Mötesplats Röhsska.