Lisa Larson – Sixty Years of Ceramics

  • Katter i stengods, Gustavsberg 1965 respektive 1956. Lisa Larson. Privat ägo. Foto: Röhsska museet/Mikael Lammgård. © Lisa Larson/BUS 2015
  • Skulptur, kvinnofigur, av Lisa Larson (*1931) Gustavsbergs porslinsfabrik. Chamotterat och delvis glaserat stengods. Gustavsberg, 1950-1959. Tillhör Röhsska museets samlingar, RKM 51-2013. © Lisa Larson/BUS 2015
  • Vas, stengods, Gustavsberg omkring 1960. Lisa Larson. Tillhör Röhsska museet. Foto: Röhsska museet.

Since the 1950s, Lisa Larson has been one of Sweden’s best-loved ceramic artists, and her designs can be found in many Swedish homes. Like few others she has united a modernist, expressionist treatment of clay with a visual narrative that is direct and easily accessible. Röhsska Museum’s major retrospective contains many of her famous models, while also highlighting some of her lesser-known pieces. The exhibition extends from Lisa Larson’s studies at the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design’s college in Gothenburg in the early 1950s, through the long period at the Gustavsberg porcelain factory, up to the 1990s when she established the small Keramikstudion workshop, and the new millennium when she had her international breakthrough in Japan, for instance.

The exhibition will be on display February 9 to May 8, 2016.

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