Vernissage Daylight and Objects

  • Daniel Rybakken. Foto: Kalle Sanner

This year’s winner of the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize is Daniel Rybakken, a lighting and furniture designer whose work has won several international awards. The development of his objects is characterised by accuracy and precision. His design processes take time – working with natural light takes time. He tests, researches, and studies tirelessly to get exactly the right feel.

Daniel reflects on what light can do to people’s subconscious, and how daylight affects us and our environment. What can a lamp create in a room depending on its location? How can a room feel small, dark, and stuffy on a late November evening, yet feel large, airy, and bright on an early June morning?

Design isn’t just a finished product you can buy in a store – it’s the whole process of development; an experience. This is what Daniel wants to convey in his exhibition “Daylight entrance”, named after one of his objects. In a photograph, Daniel caught the object “Daylight entrance” which evokes the feeling one has when daylight affects an entire room.

The recipient Daniel Rybakken and Röhsska museum director Nina Due will participate at the vernissage.

When: 5 November, 12:00 (the exhibition opens at 10:00)
Where: City Libarary in Gothenburg, Götaplatsen

The exhibition “Daylight and Objects” shows 5 November 2017 – 18 February 2018. Free entrance!