A battle by Stig Lindberg

  • "Batalj" Stig Lindberg, RKM 74-2010, Foto: Mikael Lammgård, Röhsska museet
  • Detalj av "Batalj" Stig Lindberg, RKM 74-2010, Foto: Mikael Lammgård, Röhsska museet

Stig Lindberg’s artwork, “Batalj” (battle), was produced in the winter of 1966-1967. The relief was made in partnership with artist Eje Öberg and gilder Nils Löfgren, and made in gilded copper with inlaid paintings in epoxy resin. The work’s sense of a battle painting is expressed in the active parties’ grouping with the person (battlefield) in the centre of the image.

Destructive elements
The left area has the evil, destructive elements. Aggressiveness is shown in the design elements’ clawing, biting design. The paintings inlaid in the relief depict a number of our most unpleasant disease-bringing microorganisms. The right area’s rounder, but more organised images want to visualise the positive forces such as healthcare, medical science and pharmaceutical research that battle against disease. The paintings on this side also depict the weapons (antibiotics, etc.) we can use in the service of life during this power struggle. The group in the middle of the wall shows mankind, the sick and suffering furthest to the left, those recovering on the way out of bed in the middle and those who are happy, healthy and dancing furthest to the right of the central field.