The Museum is temporarily closed for visitors

  • Röhsska museet är tillfälligt stängt för besökare

Find more information about why Röhsska museum is closed.

Why is the Museum closed?
The museum is renovaiting and the construction process has been delayed. The decision was made by the Culture Committee of Gothenburg (Göteborgs kulturnämnd) together with Higab. Higab owns and manages the building.

When will the Museum open again?
The goal is to open during the fall 2018.

What is happening in the museum when it’s closed?

  • You can visit the exhibition Daylight and Objects by Daniel Rybakken, this years recipeint of Torsten and Wanja Soderbergs prize at the City Library of Gothenburg until 18 february 2018.
  • In November during Open Week, Gothenburgs Design Festival we open up parts of the house for exhibitions.
  • The museum will be seen in other context during spring and summer 2018.
  • We are planning for exhibitions and activitys when we open again.

Where can I get more information about whats happening on Röhsska museum?
You can follow our work here on the website and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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