Preschools and Schools

  • Röhsska museet erbjuder en rik variation av visningar, workshops, museilektioner, serier och uppsökande verksamhet som är riktat specifikt till skola och förskola. Foto: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet
  • Några av de programpunkter i det återkommande utbudet är workshops utifrån de aktuella utställningarna, öppna visningar, pensionärshappenings, barnvagnsvisningar, föreläsningar och museilektioner. Foto: Carl Ander, Röhsska museet

The Röhsska Museum offers a rich variety of guided visits, workshops, guided lessons, courses and activities that are directed specifically to schools and preschools. Our hope is to constantly provide new insights about our collections, our topics and current movements in the society.

Several different professionals
Dancers, actors, musicians, fashion designers, cultural educators, designers and craftspeople are just some of the professions that we use for school classes. Before every new semester we update our range based on current themes and exhibitions. We also offer visits after your requests.

Interseted in booking a lesson?
If you are a school within the City of Gothenburg, it is free to book a guided Museum lesson.
Other schools will be a charge depending on the Museum lesson you choose to book.
350 SEK for 45 minutes or 500 SEK for 60 minutes. To take part of the offer or book a Museum lesson, please go to or contact us on