Chinese Arts and Crafts

The collection of Chinese arts and crafts. The oldest objects in the collection, from ca. 2500 BCE to the start of the Common Era. Pottery, bronzes and sculptures comprise the permanent section.

Tang and Song dynasties
The collection include artefacts from the great dynasties, such as Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279), which have influenced Western art due to their high level of artistic quality. The artefacts have fascinating ornamentation.

Blue and white porcelain
The younger objects in the collection are classic blue and white and famille rose porcelain and snuff bottles, furniture and other artefacts.

We are rebuilding the 3rd floor
The East Asian Collections on the 3rd floor, consisting of Japanese and Chinese items, is as of January 12, 2014 closed due to the ongoing renovation and rebuilding work in the museum. Many of the museum objects that are not currently on display, are available in our web catalog Search the collection.