Opening Hours – The Museum is temporarily closed for visitors

  • Higab ger vår 100-åriga fasad ett ansiktslyft. Tillfällig ljussättning pågår till den 15 oktober 2016- Foto: James Anderson/White

When will the Museum close?
The Museum is closed temporarily for visitors from February 27, 2017. The decision was made by the Culture Committee of Gothenburg (Göteborgs kulturnämnd), November 22, 2016.

When will the Museum open again?
The Museum will open again in June 2, 2018.

Why should the Röhsska Museum close?
The Culture Committee of Gothenburg (Göteborgs kulturnämnd) has decided to close the museum to give the staff an opportunity to work with development and to create conditions for a good and safe working environment.

Will the Café shut down too?
Yes. The entire Museum will be closed for visitors.

The Röhsska Museum is part of the City of Gothenburg Arts and Cultural Affairs Administration.